Artnet / Midi


I just would like to signal a bug my VVVV patch.

I have create a patch to convert value from DMX channels to midi notes via the velocity. I use this patch to control a Processing script by a lighting desk (via ArtNet protocol). Because ArtNet and DMX is not suported by Processing.

My problem: when I stop my program write with Processing, VVVV not responding and I must restart it. But else the patch running normaly.

My patch is attached, if you have solution…?

Thank in advance, good night.

windows 7 ?

No no, windows XP Pro SP2

ok perhaps you can try to open TTY renderer
and grab some info’s ?

I’m sorry, I don’t know to use it, where I must connect the TTY renderer to get any info?

no connection needed just open it : right click on the node (black monitoring window)
by the way your vvvv patch is not attached

No info’s in renderer: VVVV is freeze when I stop my Processing program and the TTY Renderer open before is not responding and her window (freezed ) is empty.

are you using midiyoke to communicate in midi between vvvv and processing ?

Yes because otherwise Processing don’t receives midi signal.
Without Midiyoke if I list the midi bus available I optain:
for VVVV: Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
for Processing: Real Time Sequencer SunMicrosystems

I don’t see how I can do it without MidiYoke…

no, there is many way to do things…
it was just a question to know how you were communicating beetween the 2:
osc is also another possibility for this type of communication.

but normally you should not have any trouble with a midi yoke port.

Are you sure to send out midi from vvvv only onchange with a Change node ?

Ok I see for OSC.

But I don’t sure to understand your last question… Yes I sure to send midi from vvvv because I can control Processing, that is the question?

try to send midi out only when you change the value of the signal ( aka a controller, or a key note).
perhaps your problem is because your sending continuously the midi signal ?
thats why i m talking about the node Change.

(hope this may help)