ArtNet from GrandMA into VVVV?

hey guys,
i have some urgent topic.
i should receive artnet from a grandMA “full size” running software version
the values arrive at the computer but somehow vvvv does not get them via the dmx/arnet receiver node.
is that because there are different versions of artnet (1,2 and 3?)
the grandMA can send artnet1 or 2(experimental)… seems that the artnet is mismatching…
is there any special help patch or something i missed when receiving from a grandMA?

did you look to the artnet universe you are sniffing inside vvvv ( default 0), its maybe 1 or 2 ?
did you looked at the artnet socket from your grand MA ? what is the IP adress, be sure to be in the same IP universe with your network adapter card.

thanks karistouf,
it is probably the ip…

art-net protocol adress is supposed to be in 2.x.x.x so many manufacturers are setting their socket in this ip universe

an other thing that can help you is to use Wireshark ( it has an artnet protocol analyser) to sniff network… VERY useful ;-)