Artnet -> DMX -> DMX -> Artnet

working on artnet to dmx to dmx to artnet connection.
sending artnet fom v4 to enttec datagate. datagate sends dmx to device.
this device works with dmx signal and sends also dmx values back
(the two empty lines in the dmx cable are used as a back channel) to another enttec
(configured as dmx in), which sends again artnet back to my computer.
the signal is on the cable (checked with oszilloskope) but somehow values get lost
perhaps within the interface when dmx is translated into artnet.
set the rate and breaktime for dmx on the interface but this seems to work only,
when the device is configured as dmx out.
in vvvv (and wireshark) i receive values correct on slice0,1,2,3 but i am missing slice 4,5,6,7,8.
then from 9 on to 511 is correct (sometimes mixed…).
the question is: where are they?

happy easter egg hunt,

do you set the max. framerate of vvvv using mainloop?
‘real’ dmx is not able to transmit more than sth like 30-40 fps…

no i didn’t.
thought that’s not necessary cause my v4 patch runs with 20-35 fps.
what should i set in the mainloop?
guess it is not a v4 problem.
bytes get also lost when checking with wireshark (without v4 involved).

maybe there is something like a “merge”-mode active in your datagate?

hmm, tested on old and new datagate.
both are configured as dmx-in to artnet (copy). no merge active.
btw: why is it possible to set the break and rate when it’s in dmx-out mode,
but not when it is in dmx-in mode?
are this fixed values (eg.: old datagate: break len 116; refresh rate 44) for dmx-in to artnet?

the almighty god of electronics spoke to me (in german):
“Es ist ein Hardwarefehler in der UART des Controllers.
Sie enthält einen 4-byte Buffer, der die Interruptrate bei hohen Übertragungsraten verkleinern soll. Dieser Buffer funktioniert logischerweise nur bei geringeren Übertragungsraten (bei denen er nicht notwendig ist). Benutzt man ihn nicht, werden alle Daten richtigerweise übertragen…”

ahaha… no text …