Artk+ markers problem

I am looking forward on working with ARTK+Tracker, but I have a small problem: where can I find the BCD markers in a large format? or how can I generate them?
I even tried to look intro the source folder of ARToolkitPlus, but I only found small size format.

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hei vlady,

what do you mean “in a large format”? you want to print them out larger?

Hey Joreg,
Yes, I want to print the markers on some large pieces of cardboard, and I only found small and low resolution files.


since those are binary markers you don’t need high resolution. just scale them up to any size you want. but make sure the scaling is not interpolating pixels (look out for a “nearest neighbour” scaling option) in your favorite image manipulation toolkit. always recommended:

Thank you for the quick reply.
Also, I have another question: I’ve noticed the “Marker Files” pin, that requires .pat files; can you provide some info regarding this kind of file?

Thank you for the support.

I’ve not really used the artk package, so sorry if this is wrong but I would guess they are pattern files as used by photoshop ( or gimp if you prefer opensource)

usage of .pat files was never implemented. i should not have left the pin visible. and it has nothing to do with photoshop .pat files.

Thank you for your help.

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I’ve managed to get the patch to work… sort of. The projected image flickers and turns into “a zebra” time to time :( I’ve attached the patch and a video of the problem.

Any tips are welcomed.

VV (105.1 kB)

only tip is to abandon ARTK… if your camera calibrated its better, but still not working.