hi guys

with artk+ and .x file i don’t have many problem, now i started to work and control collada animated mesh.
The problem is…how insert the setmatrix output of the artk+, in the transform collada mesh shader…is possible?

Danke (2.8 MB)

have you tried with a *(multiply transform)?

something like the file attached

collada_artk+.v4p (23.2 kB)

nothing Screamer…the mesh explode in triangles and faces

strange, probably there is something wrong before, because i tried to use this method to you collada, and it work if i attach a transform, a rotate or a camera to the multiply(transform)

i noticed i made a mistake, inverted the 2 transforms in the multiply. try this one

collada_artk+.v4p (23.2 kB)

haaaaa…a scream for a screamer ;)

but the mesh is rotated of 90°
I have tried to insert a transform3d but the rotation affect each part with a respective axis rotation, distorting the scene.

I have solved rotating the mesh in the wrong way inside 3ds and riesporting…not elegant…but

thanks again


remeber you can concatenate the *(transform), so you can attach a rotate (anyway the result is the important thing, so if it works, in this way you use one node less in the patch, always a good thing ;))

but the mesh is rotated of 90°

sounds like the coordinate system is not handled right.
open the inspektor and select the ColladaFile node. play around with the source and target coordinate systems and maybe it’ll fix your problem in a little cleaner way.