Art-net , question for devvvvs

hi devvvvs, i m exploring artnet protocol, for my black cat. vvvv works well with my enttec ODE.
i m not sure of certain things because my english sometimes makes me miss evidences…
i would like to inspire myself from the internal processing the node DMX sender ( Art-Net) .
I mean wich logical way is it taking just to send to the desired universe and sub ? are you pooling ? or just sending on a ? what is the global approcah of this node ? so many question … cheers !

The node is closely modeled after the Art-Net specification. Artnet uses UDP broadcasts and uses data fields in the packets to distinguish between the Universes and Subs. Note that there are many Artnet interfaces available which can output multiple universes in one box.

There is some more information on the Artistic License web page.

hi oschatz, thanks for your reply.
i m sure of course vvvv is following closely artnet. in fact vvvv is my first physical meeting with art-net. where i m completely puzzled, and thats why i wrotte this message is:
if i open a patch with an art-net sender, and another one with an art-net receiver, I do NOT see anything in DMX-Workshop. this application is supposed to help you developp your app, see if you are art-polling, if you are art-poll-replying, artdmxing , etc…

connecting an enttec ODE works perfectly, but for an obscure reason, i do not see any incoming udp message in counters of dmx workshop, neither levels in dmx monitoring…

should i miss something (once again … ) basic and evident ?

this snpashot should perhaps give clues …

snpa.jpg (386.4 kB)

i had the same problem about a year ago
there’s a setting in dmxworkshop that you need to fiddle with.
Cant remember what it was though

ha ha ! so that would say i have a missing thing inside of it to fix… thanks sugokuGHenki san !

i would assume than the udp port can only be opened for reading either from DMXworkshop or from vvvv, so that only one application can access it at a time. try running dmxworkshop on another machine within the same lan.