Ars Electronic 2017

Hi vvvvolks,

who will be at Ars Electronica 2017?

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sorry for the late notice. arrived in linz. and i see @elliotwoods talking tomorrow:

any other vvvv relatedness going on?

oh and i just met amir and rosi and refik who is showing his archive dreamingā€¦ and manolito is on his wayā€¦

Wow, this should be good: Lev Manovich is speaking ā€˜ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND IMAGE CULTUREā€™

thanks for the pointer, i be thereā€¦

Max Hattler might also show some work that contains vvvv elements

If you check out the ā€œArchive Dreamingā€ installation of Refik Anadol, the real-time part of it is my latest vvvv creation and some kind of highlight this year, because its effectively a dynamic level of detail system to render millions of images in real-time.
Loooots of compute shader and texture atlases inside here!


Sorry to miss the thread
I hope a couple of you had a chance to see Light Barrier at the festival (we donā€™t get many chances to show it)

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