Arraylist of objects equivalent on VVVV

hi guys!
So… how can I achieve something similiar to an arrayList of objects in VVVV?
I know I can addslice or something like that, but I`m looking for something more object-like, so I could create like a particle system/ecosyteme/etc in wich each element has it’s own behaviour.
I come from Processing, and that is achieved using an arraylist, so I can add an object at anytime and It would run on it own.
I hope I made myself clear.I’m not sure how to ask the question.

hei parabola,

have a look at this example


which demonstrates how you do things like this in vvvv vs. vl.
there is also this videotutorial which shows how to go the vl way.

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Thanks Joreg! This is what I was looking for!
I was trying to avoid using VL, but this is a great way to start studying it

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