Arduino with multiple infrared range sensors

Hello everyone.

I am wondering if it’s possible to connect multiple infrared proximity sensors as this one

to an arduino uno.

Should i use an external power supply for each of them to be sure they are all running at 5V? Should i be aware of something else or it should be just plug and play as if i was using just one sensor?
Thank you very much for your support. Any suggestion is higly appreciated!

In your opinion a connection diagram like the one attached could work?
Thank you very much

hi crash,

well, did you try? can u please also attach a patch. otherwise this is ard to answer.
also u you check out the arduino examples in the new girlpower.

Hi Jens and thanks for your answer.
No i have not tried because unfortunately there is no time for that, the only test i have done is with that same sensor (just a single one) on a phidget board that is the only thing i can do right now.

I don’t have a patch either because i was thinking to start from the sample arduino patch and simply get the values from the Analog In pin… Do you think this will not be sufficient?

Is there a specific patch in the girlpower folder that i could refer to?
Please excuse my poor answer but unfortunately i really have no room for testing.

If they are connected like in your picture, they are connected like a Parallel Circuit, so they all receive the same amount of Volts from the power supply, 5V. 30 mA * 5 = 150 mA, your 1.7 A power supply is more than enough.

This line on Adafruit:
“These sensors tend to be a little noisy, we suggest soldering/connecting the included 220uF capacitor to the same place you connect the wires, to provide some filtering on the power supply.”

I would suggest you do that, or perhaps you can solve in vvvv using a damper node, to smooth out some noise.

Ok guys thank you very much, your help is really appreciated.
As soon as i try i will post here the results of my test!
Thanks again