Arduino send received

Hi guys ¡

After some weeks playing with arduino on vvvv , i have connected multiple sensors and potis to get values into arduino , but I would like to send data from VVVV to arduino to digital and analog , so far i sent data to 1 digital arduino input but could not send to more than one in the same time and i could not send anything to the analog ones , could someone please show me how to do that if a at least see how to send to , more than one arduino inputs i may find how to send to others ,

and big thanks to the makers of the arduino turorial and vvvv developers;D

thank you .

upps my msn might not be clear , i want to send and receive in the same time with multiples ins outs .but basicly send data from vvvv to multiples arduino outs


first, the communication between vvvv and arduino is serial, meaning no way messages can be send and received at the exact same point in time. but then its just a matter of speed so u dont perceive a delay.

i stop ranting…just check out the magic solution here

Hi u7angel
thanks for the quick response ,

yes i,ve read this link already , i,ve relised that the data is actually in a loop but how do i send a spread of data i mean data to difierent arduino outputs so arduino can understand them ,

for sendind to vvvv , i have seen that in the tuts they made a sort of string mark a,b,c before every data slice for splitting it afterwards in vvvv , how can i do that the other way around ?


sorry wrong link

with the firmata package u can do whatever u want…send, receive etc. just push the firmata code to ur board and have a look at the patch coming with it. there is no need to do your own a b c d protocoll.

but if u insist badly to create ur own protocoll u can send things via the input of the rs232 node and read the serial input with arduino code and set the output accordingly.

anyway, please check out firmata…it does what u want without thinking ;)

Firmata is great i read a bit of it 2 weeks ago and forgot about it thanks for reminder , now everything works great apart from the analog outs which i need .
i want to send data to at least 3 of them , i want to send data out to a sort of servo or steper motor so they reach to sound dealed in vvvv so i need diferent values instead of yes or not digital ones, any sugestion in how to send from vvvv to analog arduino,s ?
any hint will be apreciated ;D

there are no analog outputs !
but u can set pin 9, 10, 11 to pwm output

and this is as well implemented in the firmata+vvvv package.

ok thanks a lot , i see now ,i was looking for those outputs and sorry if my questions are not making sense i,m a newbie ;D