Arduino not working at VVVV startup

Hi guys,

I’m experiencing a strange issue with 3 Arduino Nano Every and a VVVV beta patch which needs to talk with them via serial communication (using the RS232 node).

No Arduino is working immediately after starting the patch (at Windows startup). The only way I’ve found at the moment to make the patch work is to first open a serial communication with the Nanos through another software befor running the beta patch.

A the moment I’ve made a test using the Serial Monitor of Arduino IDE.
I’ve found that, if you do this way before starting the VVVV beta patch, then the patch will work just fine.


  1. Why this strange behaviour (it never happened to me before)?
  2. What are these two methods doing in background VVVV beta is unable to do?
  3. How can I make VVVV beta to be indipendent and doing its stuff autonomously without the help of Arduino IDE?
  4. Do you think this can be related to administrative permissions?
    4.1 maybe something not directly related to VVVV but to some “hunder-the-hood-serial-communication-OS-related-process”?

I am really in trouble and I just don’t know how to fix it
Thank you so much for your help
waiting for yours

PS: I think this cam be related to this post

Thank you very much to everybody,
I was eventually able to fix the issue enabling both DTR and RTS on the RS232 node of VVVV.

Hope this can help.