Arduino Nano or mini

Hi ,
Is anyone know how to connect arduino nano or arduino mini Pro? The nano has mini usb wire and the mini pro has a Ftdi out, is it connected with that?
For some reason it is not working with firmata and normal arduino patchs, maybe I did something wrong. Or is it rs232 that should be used here? but then not sure how to get the inputs from the board.
Thanks ahead.

Isn’t FTDI just the protocol that goes over a USB cable? It is like serial RS232 over USB, you need to install a driver for that, but it comes with the Aruino Software package.

And also note that only 1 software at a time can communicate with the Arduino, so close everything BEFORE you open vvvv.

Most easy way is to use Firmata, so upload firmata to you your Arduino, close the software, and open the Firmata stuff that should come with the plugin pack. Arduino (Devices StandardFirmata 2.x) Read the helpfile for that node.

Thanks West! So it should behave like arduino uno…
With your help I managed to get data from it, but it is weired, maybe something is wrong with the board itself, i’ll try another.