Arduino Help Patch


I’m relatively new to vvvv and just tried to get a signal from my arduino duemilanove into the program. I’ve got the latest Firmata on my Arduino and I’m using the Arduino node from the current addonpack.

Here’s my problem:
Firmata works fine with the test programm from I select the correct COM port and away it goes.

In the Arduino Help patch I select the right COM port and activate to “Connect”-toggle. The led on the board blinks a couple of times, as it would with the test programm, but from there on nothing happens. I’ve got a servo connected to pin 9. The toggle next to pin nine in vvvv is on, the slice is set to 9 in the small number box, pin 9 is set to servo but nothing is happening when i play with the slider.

Further, the string box reporting the version of firmata running on the board always remains empty.

I know that I’m getting some sort of communication with the board because it blinks when i hit the connect toggle in vvvv.

What could i be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

hi robocopatrick,
sorry for the late response. which version of vvvv are you running?