Arduino/gouraudirectional/etc patch keeps crashing

hi all

happy newyear! (Ik know its annoying but anyway)

I made this patch, but it keeps crashing on me. sometimes the arduino just stops after a while. and sometimes the gouraudirectional.fx is red, its not seen in mij installs I think.

This is all easyly fixed by restarting, but I want this patch to run for lets say a week without crashing.

ow and then there’s something weird, when I look at this patch running fulscreen. If I try to see my computer with logmein (some sort of remotedesktop thingy) I only see grey, when the renderer is not fullscreen I see it perfectly

has anyone got some clue’s for these problems? I’ll add my patch in the attachment

diekmonument10.v4p (254.0 kB)

Without your Arduino Hardware we should have a hard time to figure out what
goes wrong, or even what it is supposed to do. What vvvversion are you using? That patch is way to big to debug.

You say “sometimes” it is red? When is that? Could you isolate that problem in a different patch?

You really need to create a clean dedicated computer to be sure that their are no wierd USB and sleep mode stuff when you want to set something up for a week. Like this:

Your remote desktop tool only shows you windows, so it is not possible to stream a full screen renderer like that. (try it with a movie on fullscreen, or decent shooter, shouldn’t work either).

Add me to skype, westbam.v4p, I am dutch, might help you you out.