Arduino Firmata Error Message

Hello everybody

The example sketch for the Arduino Firmata gives me an error message:


Actually, the message is: “Tokenizer (Frame) doesn’t have a pin called “Objectify””

The dependencies seem ok to me. What else could that be?

Thanks a lot in advance

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Confirmed. This is an error on our end. This will be fixed in upcoming version 2021.4.6 and meanwhile should still work in 2021.4.3

Ah, cool - thanks!

Cool, thanks @joreg for the reply, I had the same Question.

Another thing that came to mind though was how do I know when there’s an update available for a nuget? Do I get notified? Will it update automatically?


i’m afraid there is no notification system for this in place. options:

or in this special case, where the nuget is shipping with vvvv gamma, you’ll notice a little notifier on the hamburger when there is a new version of vvvv available:


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