Arduino Firmata digitalRead(button) to digitalWrite(relay/led) nodes not connectible?

Hello Everybody.

I am pretty new to VVVV, but familiar with arduino and computers. For this project, I made a patch that does some video- recording, toggling Bandicam hotkeys, and plays it back with the push of a button(Firmata digitalRead). No problem there. Problem arises when i want to connect that bang to trigger a relay connected to the same arduino (DigitalWrite). I simply can not connect those two nodes in any way. I am basically trying to “Light led by button press” through vvvv Firmata.

Is this a bug? Am a missing an obscure toggle-node? Get slice? Do I really have to get my hands dirty with the rs232 node? Am I a 64-bit idiot?

Would be forever grateful for some advice.

welcome on board, please read the safety instructions:

FrameDelay, That did the trick! hehe… Thank you @joreg ! And I will;)

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