Arduino/Firmata 2.1

hello y’all,

stumbling across @apnoe))'s shout today, stating he’s experiencing problems and asking for the files from the NODE10 workshop and ((user:u7angel askign for a thread, here it is ;)

can’t tell what @apnoe))'s problems are but remembering the workshop by Massimo Banzi, user:ales9000 and another fine Italian (sorry mate, can’t remember your name) employed a selfpatched version of ArduinoFirmata. we were asked to replace the original ArduinoFirmata with their version, which presumably is a recent version of Firmata (2.1?). to use the servo motors in the workshop, we were given Arduinos with yet another patched Firmata version. what and why exactly it has been patched … unfortunately i missed to ask. would be cool if ((user:ales9000 tells us the difference.

the files used in the workshop aren’t available anymore, the directory is empty. provided it makes sense and it’s ok for @ales9000, i can upload them here.

anyway, would be großartig if @wirmachenbunt)) updates ((node:ArduinoFirmata to 2.1. in any case, could this also be used on a wiring board? i have both and would love to use wiring too …


ok, i will have a look at it. but until the update is finished what’S stopping you to use the required firmata 2 version ?

if uploading the firmata to the arduino is a problem, one could try an older arduino IDE. in my experience this can solve such problems.

anyway, there won’t be a perfect solution as long as the firmata definition changes all the time. this problem applies to other hardware plugins too. just seen funny behaviour with the ueye plugin.

it’s probably best stating the drivers version and everything which a plugin depends on in the help file.


with mega 2560, uploading the firmata wasn’t the problem at least. we changed the -eeprom.h- file which made a compiling bug in processing
after enabling the v-firmata-helppatch the board was recieving, but on the pins nothing’s really going on. same on seeduino mega with ATmega1280

not sure if this is of any use but there was a post regarding the arduino workshops at node (including patches) on their blog tinkerkit-workshop-at-node-2010

apnoe, that all sounds very special to me . i testet the plugin with the classic arduino board. i don’t know anything about seeduino nor the special needs of the mega2560.

what do you mean with v-firmata-helppatch ? what’s that?

i propose trying the firmata code on your board with any other software which can communicate using the protocol. if that’s working then yes, there seems something wrong with the vvvv implementation. which one do you actually use ? a patch or a plugin ???

it’s running!! thank you!!

well thx!
did any of you employ a wiring board with firmata and vvvv, or have heard about that combination?

ok strange, seems that with the new patches pwm-pins are working, but the digitals do not. both on arduino mega 2560 & seeduino mega 1280.
anybody a clue how to trigger the last 3 pwm pins? there are 14 announced but visible are only 11. the last 3 should be on outpin 44-46, but we can’t reach them yet

@ u7angel:
on the classic arduino(duemilanove) everything’s running smoothly on the old firmata plug-in version 0.1 and the vvvv-helppatch(Firmata(Devices)help)
but on the mega 2560 it’s not. with the firmata plug-in from node10 joreg just posted, the pwm-pins are working but the digitals aren’t.

ok thanx for the info. the plugin and firmata most definetely wont work with the 2560 because there aren’t that many inputs outputs defined. well i can speak for the plugin. it only works with I/O numbers of the duemilanove and below.

looks like you have to make your own implementation for this new board. either as a patch or look at the plugin code.

What are you trying to do? If Firmata is giving you problems it’s not that hard to code your own arduino<->vvvv communication…

Tested with the 2560 -

All pwm outputs work

mega 2560 can’t work,
you can change the parameter in firmateencode and decode, but still can only read 6 analog 20 digital

mega 2560 works 100% with me … including tx rx with pin digital.I could not 100% with mega uno.

thx for the mega 2560 feedback! the old 1280 mega works fine for me too.
from the code point of view, all boards should work with some refinements on the number of inputs/outputs through the inspector.

take a look at the plugin in the current alpha build, i pushed some fixes and the nice feature of “capability reports”, from which you can see, what your board is capable of.