Arduino communication using multi-instances VVVV patch

Hi Everybody,

we are working with multiple instances patch in VVVV and one of these instances is communicating via Arduino with the RS232 node.

We are experiencing some strange behaviour here:

  • When the RS232 instance of V4 is in foreground everything works fine: Arduino loop is working well, data from it are correctly received by V4 and correctly dispatched to other V4 instances.
  • But, when RS232 instance is in background the connection with Arduino is lost (last output from RS232 node is zero!). As a consequence Arduino loop starts behaving erratically and ather V4 instances are not receiving data anymore.

Trying to solve the issue we tried the following:

  • Bring the RS232 instance to top using the “ShowWindow” node and forwarding data from Arduino the other instances using the “UDP” node --> This doesn’t work! Connection stays open (even if with a little flicker) but data are not forwarded!
  • Bring the RS232 instance to top using the “ShowWindow” node and forwarding data from Arduino the other instances using the “Shared Memory” node --> This works for us: connection stays open and data are correctly forwarded.

Any ideas, suggestions?
Thank you very much for your support

hey moscardo,

just a suggestion : have you tried using the new Firmata nodes rather than the oldie RS232 ?

Hey, I think Firmata is not the answer when you write your own protocol of communication (ej driving leds).
I have the same setup and all I had to do is to set the mainloop both fore and back at the same fps, then bind the send and set vvvv to increment.
serial.v4p (11.1 KB)

Thanks for the tip :)

Hi guys and thanks for your help,

unfortunately I can’t use the “firmata” solution because I need to upload my custom firmware on the Arduino.
Unfortunately also the “mainloop + increment” solution doesn’t work for us :(

Here I’m attaching a video in order to show you what kind of problem we are struggling with.

2018-07-20 (695.1 KB)

When we move from instance 1 to instance 2, the serial communication stops working!

Isn t that normal if you are using the IsActive node?

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Thank you very much @io.
You are right: problem solved!

Don’t know how but we forgot the “isActive” node inside the patch and were no more able to see it :P

Thanks you so much.
Thanks to everybody for your support

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