Arduino cannot GetSlice and SetSlice

Good evening,

I’ve just undusted my old arduino and I’m stuck right away with controlling a very simple circuit:
Theres a button at pin 8 I’ve set at input and a LED on pin 5 as output. Pressing the button turns the LED on.
I wanted to use GetSlice to read the pins on the arduino and SetSlice to set pin 5 to 1 when pin 8 is 1 (pic). - Only I cannot connect the output of the GetSlice with the input of the SetSlice. Why?

Thx for any input.

try framedelay

Check my tutorial, the link starts at the relevant part…

@westbam Thx! What I was looking for. - Actually I was using your tutorial get started again! Looks like I’ve skiped the beginning… :D
Thanks for the respond.