Arduino and VVVV

I recently bought an Arduino. With this Arduino I’m trying to control 3 Motors with a GUI built with V4. Now since the whole Arduino stuff is very very complex, I’d like to know if it’s possible to use V4 to communicate with the V4, without using the programming enviroment. Because if so, i would have to learn C. And I don’t really have time for that.
I’ve downloadet the Firmata stuff, but i don’t really get it jet. If i use that patch, do I still have to do a lot of programming in C?

if you wanna do complex things with arduino you have to learn a little bit of c. but the arduino homepage has a good manual and many cool tutorials to get stuff running, so most time it’s enough to copy, paste and rewrite the stuff. i don’t know how your motors are working, but if you just need high and low signals on the arduino out it’s ok to use firmata.

good luck

if you have questions don’t be shy to ask, the more deatiled your question is the more detailed will be the answer :)

Hello Fraenx3000 , dont be afraid , i dont know much about C but I enjoy with Arduino just looking at the reference arduino site , here you,ll find some more arduino V patches and some more here .