ArcLength unavailable in VL

Hi, I’m trying to use the BezierSplines library in a way that I can move between VL and vvvv. There are a couple of things that make it difficult.
Firstly, while all the nodes and functions to make the components of a BezierSpline are available,the BezierSpline type itself it hidden in the experimental category.
Secondly and more importantly, I can’t access ArcLength or BezierSpread from the VL node browser or anywhere else:
Where should it be referenced from?

that is odd. assuming you’re using beta39, ArcLength is part of official CoreLib. what does the tooltip say for the red node in your screenshot?

Only arc length on a Sequence shows up, not for Beziers

you need to reference this document. it’s not part of the VL.CoreLib. i don’t know why… maybe because the node was only patched for beta?


I see, I thought that file was already referenced in VL?

if the main file of the library doesn’t forward it, then it’s not referenced. this particular file is under vvvv/nodes/vl and it seems it is not thought of as a VL node.

these files were done very early on, i think it would need a re-work if the node would make it into the VL.CoreLib.

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