Arcball navigation

has any of you math experts tried an arcball navigation ?

i just did some quick research and quaternions come up everywhere. maybe someone can shed some light on it. i’ll solve this myself but maybe there is a module already ?


there is a simpler version of it in the ( vvvv user map ) girlpower patch. go into the Interaction.v4p, there its the part with the vector/euler/framedelay/rotate nodes. its just x/y rotation in world space, which i find sufficient in almost all cases.

i haven’t seen the exact arc ball you mentioned around…

also Rotate (Transform Successive Vector) could be of interest here.

cheers boys, i’ve seen the vvvv user map and for me its not good enough. i want the more natural interaction when point on sphere always matches the touch/mouse point. and to make it more tricky, this should also work when the sphere is not centered.

ein neues rästel zu lösen es gilt für mich

found this on my disk,not too sure is this one? (6.6 kB)

cheers, but its not the one i’m looking for…

it would make a nice plugin, porting the c++ code should be straight forward…

and it sure feels good:

nice demo… no text …