Applying Physics to particles with Instant noodles

Hello everyone ,

I would like to apply physics simulation to objects in instance noodles …
Can I do that from inside instant noodles pack itself or I should need an external pack ?

I don’t think the instance noodles pack has physics kind of functionality directly.

You could run physics with the Box2D or ODE contributions and use instance noodles to render the objects.

You could also look into the DX11.Particles contributions, this has some basic physics type modifiers but it’s not a complete physics engine. To see the kind of thing that’s possible check out the the helppatches for some of the modifiers like ‘bounce’.
Instance Noodles does have some ways to more directly interface with DX11.Particles although again primarily for rendering.

Note that DX11.Particles is a commercial contribution but I think like vvvv itself you can use it for free for non-commercial projects.

Hi Tobyk ,

Okay I will try the Box2D and ODC and see which one could work well , but do you have any suggestions to which one is better ? if I will be applying fluid and smoke behaviours for the particles

I can see what you mean for The DX11 Particles Modifiers node but i will try to check it .
Thanks !

both work on the CPU, so crazy amounts of particles are out of question. if you only have a couple hundred or less, then this is your answer:
box2d is probably a little better, because it computes in 2d only. to be honest I haven’t touched ODE for years, and neither should anyone, since @vux provides extensive bullet support in the full version of his dx11 pack. so chances are high those nodes are already on your harddrive ;)

the other method is within the particles pack, mentioned by Toby, which has all the realtime parts moved to the gpu, so there you don’t get limited in the particles count as harshly.
the secret is, it basically just fakes physics, there are no collision detections in the sense box2d or bullet can do. it is mainly about adding modifiers (there is no single node, this is a full category of nodes, all geared to somehow influence or change the behaviour or look of particles) so it looks close enough to give the impression of physics.
in the demo reel you can see some examples for this: for example the triggered timing of the drops spreading into circles is no real physics, but a graphic interpretation of what you maybe would see with a possible future physics engine.

it is a different approach to only emulate physics with particles (and maybe get started on implementing your own gravity in your own modifier compute shader), but I believe you might get further faster with trying to understand what modifiers are within the particles pack, and which are available to you out of the box.

in fact there’s a simple physics implementation (collision) using both dx11.particles pack and filedtrip pack
SDFReflector (SF3D.Usages DX11.Particles.Modifiers) help.v4p

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