Applying Freeframe to Renderer output


I want to apply Freeframe Filters to a complete image from a Renderer. The obvious way to do this is to go:

Renderer -> EX9 Texture -> As Video -> Freeframe ->
Video Texture -> Quad -> Renderer

This works, but is VERY inefficient.

Is there a better solution that anyone knows?



sad but true. there is no other/better way to achieve what you want. the bottleneck is the AsVideo node which copies the rendered image from the graphiccard back to the cpu for further processing. this copyprocess is slow in general. you could try with a pci-express card if you haven’T already.

but you should be able to achieve similar effects with shaders in much higher framerates.

Thanks. Looks like I’ll have to learn shader programing than :-S

Is there a handy guide anywhere to which functions in VVVV run on the graphics card and which run in the CPU?

hm…not sure if i get you right. all functions that you write in a shader run on the graphics card.

Yes I understand shaders are on the graphics card.

I was thinking about understanding how things like Textures are handled. Are textures stored on the graphics card?

If I convert a renderer to a texture is this on the card or the CPU? Is it efficient?

yes, FileTextures are stored on the graphic card (with a safety copy in the main memory). The Renderer -> Ex9 Texture -> Renderer path also stays in the graphic card and is therefore very fast.