Applying color in wave simulator


I’m a newbie and I didn’t quite catch how to apply color in the wave simulator. I tried to change the color pin in the Constant_2.0, but it seems to be transforming to greyscale before applying the color (i.e, I use a RGB node and turn the red and green to 0, using 1 to blue, and the sphere is going out black).

Am I doing something wrong, or missing something? Sorry if this is a lame question.


so you are using the wave02 right?

whatever version of that patch you use:
the main idea is that a height map is rendered which is feedback in the next frame. so that height map shouldn’t be colored in any way.

however after that feedback cycle a show wave effect displays the wave. there are still other ways to render the wave depending on that height map (like with a lightning technique…). however the example in that basic setup is only rendering a certain range of the wave black and white.

sorrily the “show wave” shader at the bottom of the patch doesn’t support coloring the wave right now.
the constant_2.0 is only for the wave generating particle.

you could try to colorize the background of the renderer and add the show wave on top of it…