Applying a glow to spheres

Hi, i’m trying to use the quad/halodot method to apply a glow to 7 spheres that are placed linearly on the z-axis.

however, even when I set the blend to add, the glow in the front still blocks the glows on the spheres in the back of the scene.

Does anyone know how I can fix this little problem?

If you want the halo dots to mix see the settings for blend I used in the patch attached. (you might have to set the halo image on the filetexture)

Did that help ?

halodotsoverlap.v4p (3.9 kB)

thanks for the reply. but that didn’t help, I don’t understand the behaviour at all!

check out the image i uploaded

Nuclear-DirectX Renderer_2008.03.27-12.50.13.jpg (18.7 kB)

maybe i need to use png with alpha channel…

I’m going to install photoshop now and check.

I just made a PNG of a glow with a transparent background and all I’m getting now is a white square. does anyone know why this is or how I can create the effect i need?

by the picture i guess you’re using depthbuffer. search the faq for issues about rendering depthbuffer+alpha.

you might want to play around with ZWriteEnable and alphatest or use blend (renderstate advanced) - srcAlpha on the quads with the glow texture