APC 20 Midi Controller


just trying to map my APC20 but without any effort ( i used the apc40_midi_send by qwasblus). Tried MidiControllerMonitor from Tonfilm as well but the only output i get is from the sliders, the buttons doesen’t send any signal to vvvv.

Any idea why?


i would say the pads/buttons send midi note events. to receive them you could do the same monitor patch with a MidiNote node.

Yep buttons and pads send midinotes, also for pads each column is on a different channel (if layout is same as apc40)

Hey thanks alot i got the pads working.

But there is another question that i have now.
Some pads i can use as “toggle” but the most pads are like “bangs”.
Is there a way to configure them as toggles as well?

you should be able to set this up in your APC

to make pads work as toggle you need to send feedback to it so you can set color value from vvvv (midi note out)

Thanks alot vux. Now i get my pads changing color when i press them.
But the Problem is when i release the pad the value in vvvv gets 0 again.
It would be nice that when i press the pad the velaue gets 1 and when i release the value gets 0 and so on.

Any idea how to change that?
Or is there a good Website where i can get read about all this midi stuff?


you need to edit with a dedicated software talking sysex the midi behaviour of the key: latch or toggle. there is surely a 3rd party software of your apc where you can edit identifiers ( CH and Pitch) of your buttons, sliders and knobs, and behaviours ( latch / toggle and for sliders curves)

Yes on apc pad change to green while button is held,and turns back to non lit when you release, so you need to send the value you want at that time. here is patch for using pad as toggle (works in my apc40, so should be fine in yours too)

ToggleGrid (Devices APC).v4p (15.9 kB)

Ha you should have seen the smile on my face :D!
Thanks so much vux i will read further about midi mapping but that patch is helping me alot!!!