Anyway of Creating a Waveform file faster than realtime?

I’m creating a wavefrom file by using Tonfilm’s audio player, and the levels meter, to create waveform data at 25fps. FFT and the normal waveplayers buffer size is too big, ideally I’d like something like the bass waveform creation, but output as values.
Is there any way of parse a wav or mp3, which is going to be trickier, directly to get the data?

the easiest way i can think of right now would be to use NAudio in a dynamic plugin to extract the needed values.

Yes, what m4d wrote.

If you need some pointers you can have a look at Mark Heath’s NAudio programming course at Pluralsight which covers how to do that kind of thing (you have to pay for their courses but you can get a limited free trial that would be enough to watch the relevant part):

a waveform output per file with adjustable spread size is on my todo list. for now you have to use a custom solution… comes time comes ease of use.

@Tonfilm That sounds perfect!
@m4d Thats easy for you to say!
@Beyon I’ll try and expand my brain!

Thanks :D