Anyone to help for Box2d?


I’m Currently working on box2d nodes collection.

As the library has a lot of functions to implement, I could use some help for this :)

I already got some functions working:

  • World node which you can assign to a body.
  • Circle and Box nodes (with all parameters)
  • Polygon node (still quite unstable, but usable)
  • Collision Detection (works but need some rewrite).

Some of the features planned are:

  • Improvement for the body creation/destruction, and attributes updates (main priority).
  • AABB queries (quick way to find all bodies in an area).
  • All joints (distance/pulleys/revolute,prismatic and gear)
  • Include damping for bodies (linear and anglar)
  • Multiple shapes per body (would make things more complex but much more versatile)
  • Collision filter (definitely not a priority this one).
  • Apply forces, impulses and torques

As you see, there’s some more work to do :)

Just a few notes about implementation as well:

  • Plugin is written in c++ (managed+unamaged). The original version is used rather than the c# port.
  • The new node IO features are used (so beta20+ only).
  • As much as possible inheritance for nodes or any internals is used to avoid duplication and easily have common behaviour between similar nodes.

So if you want to help, gimme a shout (here, or I’m often hanging around on irc vvvv channel).

That’s it :)