Anyone have this trouble with tonfilm's droste effect? (33.7) (ps_3_0)

Hi all.

I’ve been keen to play around with tonfilm’s droste effect for a while (contribution:droste), but I haven’t been able to get it working.

I’ve changed the line PixelShader = compile ps_3_0 PS(); as per the comment section, and while this stops the node from showing red, it only shows a black screen in the renderer.

If I change the “technique” pin to “TFixedFunction” instead of “TDroste”, my original image displays, but hasn’t been deformed in any way.

Has anyone else had problems with this and been able to fix it? It’s a fairly simple effect, but it’d be nice to play with a bit.



There’s an error in the patch too; you should change + (String)'s (the node between SystemFolder (File) and Dir (File) ) Input 2 from

this should fix it.

Unfortunately I don’t think that’s the issue either.

I tried using my own texture since I figured the path was incorrect, but it didn’t work, and I just tried changing the path on the off chance I’d missed something, but I got the same results.

It’s encouraging to know someone else has it working in a modern version though!

I wonder what the issue is.

Thanks for your help.

I found the problem!

Very confusingly, it only renders any output on one of my secondary monitors.

Not entirely sure why this happens, but at least it works.

i’ve also updated the shader and added a switch to change the border mode of the texture.

Thanks tonfilm, it’s a fun effect and the mirror function should be interesting to play with.

I’m still getting weird issues with rendering though. It renders fine on the monitors I have hooked up to my intel integrated graphics card, but I only get a blank screen from my AMD Radeaon 7770. Maybe there’s something videocard architecture specific going on?

Rendering to an image sequence only works about 50% of the time, too. Very unusual…

I can work around these issues though.