Any recommendations for high quality RGBW-led strips?

I am looking for RGBW led strips of high quality and reliability (rated 50 000+ hours lifetime) for use in a permanent installation.

Don’t want any “smart LEDs” (neopixels etc), just simple dimmable 12V/24V strips that can be put in an installation and just work for many years.

Prefer sellers in the EU for easy handling of taxes and customs, but I’m mostly finding shops selling cheap strips with no or relatively short life-times listed.

One of those cheap strips could probably last for a long time too specially if run on slightly lower voltage than specified but would prefer a product made to last and with a decent warranty.

Just wanted to check if anyone here has any experience of good brands or recommendations where to shop.

Looks interesting, somehow I missed the RGBW strip when looking at the page earlier.
Anyone bought stuff from Neonica?


I’ve heard good feedbacks from kkdc products.


Neat find! What’s your first hand experience with the SK6812 type of stripes, that litter AliExpress? I’ve built an 88 stripes w/88 pixel object using SK6812 stripes and have found them superior to the RGB WS6812 (or -11, can’t remember atm) I’ve employed on a prior project. Seems like the Neonica have better specs, at least running on 24V gives way to using longer stripes with less cabling. Long term user experience to see, tho.

Little late, but I’ve used Hi-line Lighting in the past, based in the UK…
Here’s the link:

Hope it helps!

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