Any crazy idea?

We are two students trying to realize a project with vvvv. We want to point up the dark side of networks and a networked world. Within an exhibition we install stations which offer you a arbitrary service. But their real function is to collect personal data from the visitor while he is doing something else. At the end of the exhibition the visitor gets a profile with all his personal data. In the entrance cards are little id-pins allowing the computers to differ the visitors.
Actually we ´re stuck in finding ideas HOW TO COLLECT ANY DATA FROM THE VISITORS without attracting attention. We are glad for every crazy Idea ;-) Thx.

Hey claudio,

a) capture their mouse movements or their keyboard input (node: keyboard (global))
b) try the screenshot node to record peoples work.
c) webcams!
d) microphones within webcams!

a)+b) with vvvv running in the background behind a browser or Office program
c)+d) can also even be done from a flash object within a web page.

makes great scandals.

what kind of rfid are you using? sure about the sensing distance?


use carnivorePE to get their network data :-)
see CarnivorePEvvvv how to use,

the people could surf and you have their data check for USER & PASS at with port 110 you get their pop logins for xample …


We use long range rfid´s. I think tey´ll do it. Thx fore the Idea with the recording of the mouse movement. I think we will integrate that. We also thought to provocate people to steal some stuff wich lays around, like booklets or sth. Naturally we mine these things with rfid tags :-).

it is not easy, because we mustn´t collect the data only via desktoprecording or office… Not every visitor of the exhebition will use one of our computerstations…