Any cool but not too complicated patches?

after a few weeks learning by myself, i think i understand the basics of vvvv, but cannot do very interesting things yet - just a few tricks with 2d and 3d things, textures, a bit of sound manipulation, linearspreads, shapes that follow my mouse and some interaction with a microphone.
what do you think the next step is?
i’ve seen a cool video in which a mouse leaves a fire track, but maybe that’s still out of reach for me.

Take a look at Parasitic Design contribution



A mouse following particle system is really nothing more than a particle system with a Mouse node as emitter. You can do it, believe me, and than be amazed how easy that was. Looking for a good particle setup to start with, I found the fireball… ahh… well… firetorch-fireball
I did this when I was learning: westfunpatching#leaf trail generator

Some things that are always tricky, making a cool user friendly interface and understand how to automate, yet random, tweak values and settings so you can make 1 patch, yet making it look not too repetitive.

Also find a way to use multiple cool patches in one main patch.

And if you have a feeling you are doing something wrong, because of copy/pasting the same part over and over, find ways to make them spreadable, try to understand what binsizes do and how to use them.

The fun and tricky part for me was integrating real life hardware, and find new uses for it. Think Wii-mote, Kinect, joysticks, arduino, leap, midi controllers etc… For me it was outputting DMX/artnet that blew me away.

Without really knowing where your interests lie… it is hard to suggest “a project” for you. But a cool picture slideshow in 3 dimensions that makes us forget about the Ken Burns Effect is always welcome. ;)

ok, i’ll have a try at all that, thanks!