Antivirus issues


My Bitdefender is putting vvvv.exe in quarantine during installation.
And its doing it also after adding an exception. So i wont be able to install it currently on a mac
hine with Bitdefender.
Just wanted to make a thread so other people can post other Antivirus issues there.

I wonder what can be done about it other then submiting it to bitdefender and wait until a certain amount of people did that?

So this is a warning for all Bitdefender users.
Once you attempt to install vvvv gama bitdefender will also fight against normal vvvv from this day on.
And it is a major pain to get back to a normal working environment with vvvv on this PC.

Not your vault devs… I rather blame Bitdefender for not managing recovery and exclusion well enough.

Effectively it keeps folders from beeing accessible…

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