When capturing the output of a renderer set to antialiasing, only the raw pixels are transfered.
Is this a bug or are there technical reasons for it?
How can one capture the smoothed image then?


“capturing the output of a renderer”?
you mean via dx9texture? right. this one cannot be antialiased (for directx-technical reasons. will have a look into that again one day).

the only way for now is to render the dx9texture in double size and scale it down on another quad. thats not really antialiasing then but still look smooth!

Well, the problem is, that I need the rendered image in print quality. The highest resolution I can get for the output texture is 2048*2048… far too low unfortunately to scale it down later.

But thanks for the hint.

oh. i think that is what ampop did the Writer (EX9.Texture Grid) module for some time ago.

Mh, i recently had some troubles with max texturesize too, this limit is given by the graphics card hardware. beta9 has those device nodes… how are these working?

with softareref it should be possible to render textures up to 4096? right?
i know that this would be slow, but if realtime doesnt matter like in this case it would be fine… i played around with those device nodes but wasnt able to write a texture higher than 2048…

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btw can it be if several renderers are active, that just one renderer can antialias? on my dekstop machine it is like that, check on my laptop later…

would be a driver issue then. usually it should just work in every window.