Another typospread bug

Hello devvvvs.

After the binsize bug (forum:typospread-binsize-bug) has kindly been fixed by @gregsn in the latest alpha, I have just come across another bug that is somewhat similar, but this time doesn’t regard the binsize pin, but the actual output.

If there is a string which has more than one line and in one of those lines there is a space at the end of the line just before the linebreak, the output is scaled in the y-axis. Or rather it looks like it adds a blank line. This shouldn’t happen, but the space should simply be ignored.

Have a look at the attached patch to see it “in action”.

Thank you for fixing. :)

typospread_space_bug.v4p (6.2 kB)

fixed in upcoming alpha

Wohoo, thanks @gregsn. That should make Typospread work as expected once and for all - I think I have used it pretty extensively now. :)