Another Question about Homography and Resolution

Dear all,
I am experimenting with projection mapping and I encountered with a problem.
I have a short throw beamer with 1280x800 px resolution. It covers an area with 2 meters width. Because the beamer’s keystone adjustment is not enough to match it on to the area, I prefer to use homography. Because the distortion of the lines are extreme because of the placement, I divided my image into 3 ( right/left/middle) and used 3 different homography node then combined them onto one renderer.

My image sizes are 1280x800, pngs.
My renderer settings/DX texture settings in inspektor are adjusted to this size, too.
I used also Filter (Sampler State).
However because of homography’s distortion the distorted lines seem not straight but pixelated.
How can I avoid this?
Thank you very much and have fun at Node!

Seems to me like you’re referring to the projector’s pixels at the edges of your projection looking like this:


The solution? Live with it ;)
Maybe try to adjust the projector a bit to make the stairsteps less obvious but there’s little you can do about a projector not antialiasing…

if the projector has non destructive keystone use this as good as possible and do the rest with homography. if your GPU has power left, you could try the FXAA filter.

its also better to apply the homography to the renderer which renders the geometry and not rendering to texture and distorting the texture.

if you have to use textures, you can increase the resolution of the textures to improve quality.

Hmm it is pity to crash this kind of resolution problem… thanks guys, i am gonna try to find a better physical solution then.