Another Noobie Question

So I’m new to VVVV and have many questions but i’ll give them one at a time.

  1. How do you manually draw the shape of an image you want to project an image on? For example, say I want to project onto a rectangular shape, how can I manually trace out that shape and leave everything else blacked out?

  2. How do I do this with multiple shapes, with all falling within the scope of a single projector.

Thank you!


Maybee have a look on the mask.fx node, can be usefull for this.

hhhm, it’s not really clear to me what you want to achieve.

*may be Homography (Transform 2d) is useful for you

*may be ArbitraryPoint (Transform) , which is not that easy to understand for a newbie.
+i my self did need a quite long time but once you get the clue it’s not difficult anymore.
+for an example of usage see the most vvvvonderfull patch in your girlpower-folder: Small Pitch on Pole.
+for understanding better look at the User Tutorials than at it’s helpfile (which IMHO is more irritating than helping).