Another arduino problem

hi there
after years, I want to really use my arduino for the first time, i have an atmega 8-16pu arduino board with a working potentiometer attached.
succesfully downloaded the simpleanalogfimata code from arduino 17 (from open menu) onto the board.

the problem is i cannot get any values into vvvv from my board, have the right comports and stuff.

what nodes do I need? rs232 does not seem to work of is that one only for sending data to the arduino?
went through some tutorials but cant find the solution

can someone get me a working patch wich i understand?

thnx in advance


hi all

maybe its important to say that the red rx led is burning on my board

but I dont know why

You do know that you can only have 1 program at a time can listen to the comport (so close everything besides vvvv) and I remember something that vvvv ports are 1 off, so try one higher or lower.

What is wrong with the tutorial patches? (or isn’t that Firmata, dunno, need to check)