AnimationChannels (Assimp Animation) outputs weird rotations

hi everyone,

Trying to read a simple animation from an FBX file. Thanks to the Assimp nodes I managed to get meshes, material colors and transforms, but there’s something weird going on with the rotations : it doesn’t exactly corresponds to what I have in C4D. There are sort of value jumps and the cubes rotate way too much, can’t figure out where it comes from.

I’ve used woei’s swizzle node to get an XYZ rotation vector from the node (it outputs XYZW).

Anyone knows what I could have missed?

Thanks! (89.2 kB)

Didn’t have a look at your patch but I assume you have to use Rotate (Quaternion Vector). Instead of Swizzle --> Rotate (Transform Vector)

Thanks bjoern, that works!