Animation with scene graph and gITF


trying to playback a spread of Geometries animations (fbx, dae)
i gave a try to both


both of the contributions have issues with the animation part
for the scenegraph as noted by

SceneGraph animation nodes are meant for plug and play with mesh transforms. skeletal animation is possible, not with plug and play support tough, but with some more patching required:
the Model node has hidden pins to give you bone information, this is where the skeletal animation info is. you need to animate those, combine them with the local transformation of the mesh and feed it into skinning matrices which need to go into a shader which supports them.

but a simple playback of astroBoy_walk.dae using bones and the skeletal animation
the animate node doesn’t output any changing values
see patch
seems there’s no way right now to playback multiple Geometry animation since the standard assimp
scene doesn’t support it also!
any ideas ?
AnimateNotWorking (Transform SceneGraph) help.v4p (29.1 KB)

would this tutorial be of any help here?

Importing Animated Character by @takuma

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