Animation + Transition between patches

hello, i’m kind of super stuck and haven’t found a clear answer anywhere so here are my questions:

1- I have a noisewarp animation and basically what i want to animate are the iterations going from 0 to 1, I was able to have this by putting an InputMorph and then connecting the switch input to a slider (and that works) but is there any way to set something that goes from 0 to 1 in x seconds after i bang (or do any other kind of command)?
I’m stuck with this in several things that i’m trying to do like having a point go from position 1 to position 2 in a x seconds and just stop there, not wiggle back and forth.

2- I have 7 animations (in 7 different patches) that i need to play (let’s say VJ) during a performance, how can i transition between them? I tried with the send/receive nodes, but then what do i connect the r nodes to?
bonus if i can morph between the patches. {because that’s what i really need to do}


Yo, For question N1 have you tried this

a simple way to solve 1) would be using a Toggle (Animation) followed by a LinearFilter (Animation)

regarding 2) check

@ofersmi those are fun! thanks for that.

@joreg 1] sounds pretty simple. will try it now. 2] that svvvvitcher looks super cool! thanks!

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