Animated X-file

i would like animations in some games using vvvv.
wish to be able to load mesh and animationSet that can be tracking.
thank you.

YES! me too please

as tonfilm mentioned here, you could parse the animation keys using regular expressions (which i tried and found possible yet increasingly complex when dealing with sophisticated animations). it would be nice if whoever actually achieved this would publish the module (which is another way of saying that i am dissapointed this has not happened yet).

@diki - thanks for the helpfull link … will have a look at it. maybe thats also the way how it would be possible to patch a xfile anmiation writer ;)

thanks to reply m9 and diki.
im so interested in that way using RegExpr.
X-file is just a text file! ok i’ll try to make a patch.
but you should not expect on me because im a newbie at least i don’t get anything yet about around X-file.

About tonfilm, he managed to parse fft data from txt files in his fftplayer module, this can help