Animate spread within given range

hello to everybody,

i tried very hard, but cannot find solution for this problem. i’m a beginner so this i have quiet problems :(

I want to have some quads, each with a color within the given hue-range (or within the spread-range). The distribution for the colors to the quads should first be random. Then i like to animate each quad-color individually (kinda smooth random-animation), but within the given range!

i thought on deniro, but cannot find a way to do the animation AND stay in the range.

Any ideas, should i use another node.
also tried with map, but unfortunately no results.

Please help.
Here is my patch: the important stuff stays on the right side

range_colors_deniro.v4p (39.3 kB)

Another shuffle maybe, then smoothly DeNiro-ing from hue-slice to random next hue-slice? You’ll lose the !exact! animation but it looks pretty much the same to me.

range_colors_deniro.v4p (51.6 kB)

you could also just use Map (Value) after DeNiro with destination min and max set to your desired values.