Animaion Help and inspiration

Hi, im trying to create a jelly fish like creature.

This is what i have got so far. Im new to this and am really struggling to get my head around this.

Has anyoe got any ideas on how to make it more realistic / conceptual?

Many Thanks


jellyfish.v4p (147.5 kB)

I need to make it look as though it is flickering???

any help is much appreciated

This is the sort of movement im after,


somehow like this?

qualle.v4p (26.3 kB)

yeah thats great, is there any way it could swim around randomly and not follow a defined path?

but the path is already random.

Yeah, sorry im a litte slow at this.

Im also trying to create a shimmer effect for the jellyfish

Do i do this with lighting, or can i do this with affecting the colour?

that’s a hard one.
you would need to write an effect which does that.
i think up to now there no such effect in the shader gallery.

Im trying to use the jelly fish you have posted as a texture as i have different scaled quads i would like to apply it to.

I have tried to understand the way the jelly swims, is there anyway i can get it to stay in the render window, so it does not swim of screen?

are you trying to have more than one jellyfish? i wouldn’t do that by using the same texture over and over. wait i have a look if it can be spreaded, so that you have more jellyfishes.

Why not spreading them instead of using it as textures?

edit : hehe, you were faster answering…And i assume that the general moves aren’t that corraleted to the jelly animation itself…but shouldn’t be too tricky ;)

qualle_spreaded.v4p (27.3 kB)

is that what you want to achieve?

edit: ha! hi desax…

next thing would be to split up that patch into 4 or 5 subpatches…
it is getting dense in that patch.
it also just was meant to be a sketch but somehow now there is no way back like always.

qualle spread.v4p (33.9 kB)

Ok, ive attached what i ahve done so far. As i said im a newbie and am jus mashin everything together and trying all sorts to see what i get.

Im basically taking stock prices and trying to run an animation from these.

I have a few mor qu’s regarding what i have done.

I have applied a file texture to the jelly fish (i’ll prob rework this in photoshop), can i apply a colour over this so i get lots of different coloured jellies?

Any more help and advice is greatly appreciated,


jellyfishskin.jpg (30.0 kB)
jellys3.v4p (59.1 kB)

thats also cool.

but only use only softimage camera.
use at the upper renderer. and use a smaller initial distance so that you don’t have to zoom everytime.

use some other static transforms for the lower renderer.

Seems that i’ve opened the patch in beta 13 so missed the main thing…:D

Heres a screen shot if that helps

jellypatch.jpg (643.1 kB)

I was talking about Gregsn patch and the B-Spline(3d wryly) module ;)