Analyse video pixels and transform into audio

I’m beginner in VVVV, and I came across such a problem. I was hoping I would be able to help in that. Does not know which way I would transform data from video file to audio line. Is it possible to transform change on the basis of color pixels from the video? Supposedly it we can build a decoding frame for color brightness difference, but I can not figure out a way how to analyze, would not know anyone in that order? I I have read another threads about this, but I have not found solution.

If you have a minute,I would be very grateful.


To get color information from a video, you could use the Pipet (EX9.Texture). Or better, Pipet (EX9.Texture Simple)

Look at the helpfile; make node select F1. There is a Filestream + Videotexture Combination there.

Now you got some colors, you can use a Node like HSL (Color Split) or [HSV (Color Split]( to get the Hue, Saturation and brightness information from that color, as values.

I am not sure what you mean with “Audio Line”. you wanne generate audio? Or show some wave forms? For both cases, there is in the “Girlpower” a folder called, “the next generation”, and in there the Folder “Audio” with a lot of examples for Audio related patches.

in the VVVV.Audio pack is a demo patch which gets pixels from a texture and transforms them into a sequence of sine waves: VVVV.Audio\girlpower\VisualSequencer.v4p
and also have a look at: VVVV.Audio\girlpower\WaveTableSynthesis.v4p
this patch demonstartes how to send an arbitrary sequence of numbers to your sound card.
download here: VVVV.Audio

you can use the variouse texture fx filters to transform your video image to produce different kinds of source material for the pipet node. more on this here: Video Effects and Compositing.