Amount of memory for GPU / Textures / 23 bug and 2.4.1

hi everybody.

I have noticed the following issue on 23, wich happens also on 24.1 with ATI cards ( 5220 / 5770 wich are respectively 512Mo and 1Go Ram)

If i have textures in memory up than 1920x1080, stranges issues may happes, depending of complexity the patch and number of textures loaded on open:

-renderer stays completely black
-some video files may seeking to beginning in a random manner if they are very long. they do not go to the end of the file

Its only when the patch begins to be quiet plain of many things that this troubles occurs, with JPEG images using filetexture > getslice on one quad

i have had this bug resulting in a blank renderer with 4.23 because one of the image loaded was 1920x1125 px. Cutting it back to 1920x1080 the image and reopeining the patch make it work back.

this pixel size in textures affects also the Update button of the dir node, wich reload correctly in TTY textures, but is not refreshed: getslice calling previous textures from Dir node.

voilà, i hope this time I was clear ( ;-) ) and I presume this bugg is relativ to GPU memory ?


i think it’s bug because of texture formats you are usin, when you have lods of jpgs from external sources it’s often one or two just not shown, resave them in proper format to get them out of black. Also it seems to happen when you cons texture with different formats. If you try to cons VFW and YUV texture it might not work. Might be there is some buggy jpgs or such cons somewhere?

hi and thanks …
black renderer is all other textures ( videos / animations / filetxetures) no more showing up because of this trouble of size that shoot inside of them.
when the corrupting jpg is removed from the directory where the texture are loaded, everything come back when i restart the patch

i m using irfan viewer to resave the image in a clean jpg at 100% quality. is there any recommandation ? have you got, you vvvv boy a format that never give troubles in large very large pictures ?

for very large pictures :
i wasnt able to import bigger files then 8192x8192
i often import .png and convert it via the file-texture-node into .dds
(it is slow but my .dds plugin for photoshop can not handle such big files)

@karistiuf haven’t founded any ultimate solution, only recompress helps. Sadly i’m not too much in to the specifications on that case, so aware to mix up everything. As far as i go bad jpg’s and wrong videotexture formats are two primary glitches, and as result you can get say inverted alpha on all layers under this one, or just balck render…

as for texture size 8192 is something called MegaTexture, it’s a limit of DX9 texture size.

is there a way to obtain the amount of free memory in GPU avaible ?
node memory shows me only the amount of ram of the graphic card, but not the consumption of texture.
(this on ATI cards)

try perfmeter, grey,- render might be the GPU memory load…