Ambiguous node naming/description

i know, this might sound like nitpicking.

in gamma, hovering a node sometimes lacks the info of which precise node is under the mouse. check this example from skia help:

these two rectangles-nodes are different nodes but it is impossible to know which version of the rectangle it is by just looking or hovering (both are Rectangle [Graphics.Skia.Layers] ). from my experience with teaching these things and also for patch readability it would be a good idea to make the relevant node-type info visible by just hovering (like it is done for Rectangle (Join) [2D Rectangle] → all nescessary info is there to distinguish it from the other rectangles).

e.g. in this example make it Rectangle (Position) [Graphics.Skia.Layers] and Rectangle (Bounds) [Graphics.Skia.Layers]

absolutely. this will be addressed in the upcoming tooltip rework.

tooltip rework is out, but i’m afraid this is not addressed. because i didn’t look coorectly at your example in the first place.

here the node has actually the same name, but only differs in its signature. so you see the difference not in the name, but in the number/names of inputs.

in this particular example this is exactly what we’re planning to do, because it is right in the face of every beginner user. but this will not solve the general issue. the feature here is “overloads” which we adopted because any library you import from .NET can have such fucntion overloads which vl needs to cope with.

one option could be showing full signature in the node tooltips, which would blow them up quite a bit…

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