Am I misusing GetSlice?


Sorry this is abit of a legacy project but something I have come back around to. In the attached zip is my patch SimonSpitflap_Stage_SW_r5. It has a number of subpatches but essentially should show a render of some apples.

This is actually a 4 x 3 set of tiles. In the subpatch SimonSpitflap_Wall_SW_r5 is a 4 x 3 iobox which is supposed to be defining which image out of a possible 8 is displayed on which tile (if the iobox values are all the same number then a complete image is displayed).

What appears to be happening here though is only the last value in the io is defining all the tiles and therefore it is always a complete image.

In the zip are all necessary subpatches and a folder of the images (8 x (4 x 3))=96 across 8 folders. Selecting the main folder “Big Flaps” in the io at the top of SimonSpitflap_Stage_SW_r5 will then populate the 96 images into the main patch.

Sorry to those who may recognize this from other questions - it has evolved and devolved back to this thanks to various different reasons mainly my ineptitude!

Lastest Split Flap (3.5 MB)