Alternate key commands for right mouse button

please please please please

create some keyboard commands to alternatively use a key command for some of the controls that are only possible with a 3-button mouse atm. this would be very useful for all us macbook users out there (my guess for node10 was that more than 50% of all attendees had macbooks).

my suggestion is that using CTRL could come in for most of the controls that are only available via right and middle clicks now:

  • CTRL + left mouse drag := right mouse drag
  • CTRL + click on pin to create a link := link can be attached to more than 1 pin
  • CTRL + ALT click := ALT+rightclick (reset value)
  • click on pin to create a link + CTRL click := create correlating IObox, push values up
  • CTRL + double click on IObox := double middle click on IObox (create a descriptive name for it)

this is all i want for christmas this year :)

other users: what do you think? anything i’ve forgot?


you can use autohotkey (
to emulate middle-click

space + rightclick works as mid button

thanks for your suggestions. i’m asking explicitly for the CTRL features because (1) i think this should stay generic and shouldn’t involve the use of workarounds (solution should work for everyone) and (2) macbooks don’t come with something like mouse buttons anymore, see:

so you can’t do something like ‘left and right at once’. right clicks are produced when you touch down the pad with two fingers. alas, the right mouse button command is only available for clicks, not for dragging operations.

(an alternative would be to support the trackpad directly, which would also bring in multi touch gestures etc. but i know our devvvvs aren’t interested in apple hardware for whatever reason, so i see no chances here. there still no other hardware manufacturers with multitouch trackpads out there?)

actually the touchpad button situation (one button should be enough for everyone)was the main reason for me to go with a thinkpad instead of a macbook pro. (that and some very unpleasing results with getting apple ati drivers for windows to run in multiscreen mode.) working around the apple one button issue by adapting a one button paradigma for a native windows app just seems wrong to me, but maybe thats just me…
maybe enabling the suggested hotkeys via a command line switch could be an option?

  • adapting a one button paradigma for a native windows app

true. i’m not asking to change any of the vvvv mouse commands (although in my opinion using the right mouse button to activate a toggle etc. is one of the ugliest things about vvvv), but to create a simple alternative interaction scheme for non-3-button-mouse users that wouldn’t interfere with the main one. from my understanding implementing smthg like this wouldn’t be a hard thing to do, i could be wrong though.

yes, i know, but once the devvvvs would incorporate these hotkey combos into the default application behaviour they would be blocked for further ui expansions. so a commandline switch (or even flexible binding, but thats probably asking for a bit to much) would still be the best solution imho.

i use autohotkey script for 2 years (bootcamp, mbp, vvvv) and it works good and costs no money
i still use it on my clevo notebook, a mouse makes my tendons hurt!
a good trick is to map just - one - apple key to right-click
i used enter key for middle-click but i see it is missing from new apple keyboards (???) so maybe ` key for modifier
also some more answers here, for magic mouse

i can’t quite unterstand how i might be the only one annoyed by the shortcomings of vvvv’s user interaction on windows macbooks // not just wanting to accept the status quo and live with it…

@vibrations how do you create a right-mouse-button-drag with autohotkey? downloaded it, now i have to write my own scripts? would you be so kind and provide yours?
are there any alternatives out there? on the superuser site there’s only talk about mac utilites, already searched the internet up and down for something useful…

sure - here’s the script i’m using at the moment


the first line maps right alt-click to middle click
the second line maps menukey-click to right click

change the mod keys to ones on your keyboard and you’re set - there’s a list in the autohotkeys help file, and if there isn’t you can use #InstallKeybdHook to find the correct key value

drag, change value all work fine